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It is an undeniable fact that religion plays a major role in Ghana’s politics or Africa as a whole.Dough some sees the active participation of religious leaders to be inappropriate but lest we shouldn’t forget that it is entrenched in the 1992 constitution that every qualified person to vote is mandated or has the legimate to exercise the Franchise to ensure free and fair election.

In Ghana, we practice the democratic system of the government which ensures freedom of speech or allow any persons to criticize the government constructively. This in some way has really degraded or made the practice of democracy too funny in the country.

It seem, we lack understanding on how democracy is being administered in the state and I will sensitize you on that after making my argument, thus religious leaders being part of political misconduct.

Since the 1992 general election till the just ended election, we see some religious putting false impressions in the minds of their Fellowes and the political leaders as well, many even go ahead to prophesy and declare the winner in favor of a particular party.

This unauthorized act of some religious leaders put some sense of radicality in the minds of the electorate when things didn’t go in their favor. For Example, a Ghanaian pastor, before election said ‘The NDC is going to win the election but the NPP are going to cheat to win the election’ another also said ‘When NPP wins he is going to resign as a pastor’. This statement made by the leaders would pollute the minds of electorate and the candidates as well to act rude, sometimes the declaration of these religious leaders make them feel cheated when they don’t win.It gets to their surprise at the end of the election, we always see prophecy ahead of election which I think it’s an unauthorized act which that does not say good about the leaders involved.

It would be better if law is enacted to put a halt on such act anytime we approach election.

Now, democracy is not a war, neither is an insult. The purpose of democracy is to ensure smooth transition or government and peace. Opinions are like noses and the ideas of the people must be duely respected by the state. When a leader is elected, he is not elected for his party but to the benefit of the whole country. Definitely one must win, so let not fight each other when we lose. Ghana is bigger than election, we should sensitize people on the system of government we practice, the mockery aspect is most Ghanaians are not aware of the system of government used to rule the country, let keep educating people to create harmony in Ghana after every election. Thank you.




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Gideon Kumi Appiah is a Ghanaian writer, poet and a blogger. He is also known as Jnrjakespear. He has written many articles which have really gone viral. He loves to motivate and educate. He is currently in the university Ghana and has the intellect of speaking the truth not defied informations. you can call him on 0547765238.

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