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This year has been a tragic year with its huge loses of great men. Many people have lost their lives by Corona virus, legends have also lost their lives by other internal diseases.

Tommy lister is an America actor and an occasional wrestler, he can easily be remembered with his catchy role the movie dully Deebo.

Well about 4 days ago The legendary actor and rapper Ice cube put out a post with the picture of Tiny “Deebo” lister, stating out his condolences to the fallen legend, the actor was actually 62 years old when he passed.


The actor was found dead in his California home on Thursday after friends and business associates could not reach him, the authorities said. Tommy Lister , a 6-foot-5-inch actor nicknamed Tiny who played the hulking neighborhood bully Deebo in the “Friday” films, has died at his home in Marina del Rey, Calif.

Many actors and American rappers have gone to social media to moan the loss of the fallen legend, most may know Mr Lister from his role on Friday as the neighborhood bully Deebo. The world is in moaning for the loss of this great soul and from all around the world let’s all get together and say our last goodbye’s to the fallen legend, may his soul rest easy.




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