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7 Mistakes women make in a relationship

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Most at times when it comes to relationship both men and women make so many mistakes which usually have long and short term consequences on the relationship. As we all know for a relationship to succeed most at times it depends on the women. This is not withstanding the important role men must also play to keep a relationship.


If you are in a relationship that there is real love then the success of it 60% depends on women and 40% depends on men. How a mother is able to keep her home and make sure things are orderly that is how they can sustain a relationship. Even though women are the best people to maintain a relation they are most at times the people who make most mistakes in relationship.


Below are seven(7) mistakes women make in a relationship:


1) They feel they are always right


Most at times in relationship the women feel they are always right because of their gender. They always want their men to threat their opinions and thoughts with no doubt. This usually collapse the relationship because when one person think he is right all the time it does not help.



2) They consider themselves to be the most important person in the relationship

Women are are very selfish and they usually consider their opinions as the most important in the relationship. This kind of attitude makes most men sad deep inside even though they do not say it. In relationship both men and women must treat each other as equally important.



3) They always feel jealous about unnecessarily things


One mistake that women  usually make in relationship is that they are always jealous even about unnecessary things. They become very jealous even about the calls, conversations and friends their partners interact with which does not help the relationship.



4) They always expect to be understood


Women always want men to understand their situations and mood but will be quick to raise objections when men do same. Especially they want their men to understand when they are in the mood to talk on phone but will be angry when their men are not in the mood to talk.


5) Most at times they worry about unnecessary things


Women are known to worry most in relationship, most at times their worries are not really important but they tend to worry. This really frustrate the men which usually depresses their mind.


6) They feel they offer more in a relationship


Women feel that they offer more in a relationship which is usually not good. Some women feel that they can offer sex to men which the men can not offer. This kind of state of mind makes them feel they are superior which affects the relationship.


7) They Expect too much from men


Most women usually feel that provided they are in a relationship with a guy, he is suppose to provide everything for her. Especially when she does not have money she expect the man to provide from any angle which is usually bad. Some women usually put too much burden on men especially when it comes to finance and buying of stuffs..


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