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The National Democratic Congress is the strongest opposition party in Ghana to the ruling party, the New Patriotic Party. This article is purposely going to dissect in issues that proves that the NDC is frustrated and the reason why they will lose the 2024 election bitterly.

Ghana just had a successful election and the ruling party, NPP emerged as winners of the election in 2020. This results have really buffled the opposition party to demonstrate against it, the Electoral Commission was accused for unfair declaration of results with other unpleasant accusations, some even said she is not qualified.

I am writing this article with non partisan mindset, no one should tag me with a political party.

Before the declaration Of the presidential results, the NDC already declared themselves as winners since they won major regions forgetting that some regions are huge and larger than others. In the year 2012 the NPP won major regions but still couldn’t win the election, they even filed a case at the Supreme Court and the current General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia said any Idiot can go to court, which was a very harsh sentence for the NPP.

Now, there had been a boomerang to the NDC, they felt reluctant to go to the Supreme court since they already said in 2012 that any idiot can go to court. The supporters for the NDC tried to use demonstrations to prove they have been cheated  some even went ahead to storm the office of the EC and this triggered the security force to patrol at the EC office. Some lost their lives through that and others were also arrested for causing damage on state properties.

They also leveled alligations against the NPP for stealing parliamentary seats, they even chose their speaker of parliament before election was held to choose one, but indeed they won the speaker of parliament after the election was organized since both party have equal representatives in parliament.

The general secretary for NDC in his current interview said the inauguration of the Nana Addo Danquah Akuffu Addo as the president is like a funeral and the president is a watchman who is watching over the jubilee house for the proper president to come. This have led many Ghanains to talk agains him, for using such words on the president.

All this actions by the NDC proves they are frustrated and have to act to please their supporters but actually they have lose the election with no doubt.


The National Democratic Congress are still convinced bring the former president of the republic of Ghana as their flag bearer, John Dramani Mahama. Mahama was the vice president to the late professor Evans John Atta Mills and he was given the opportunity to become the flag bearer in 2012. He won the election and lost in the next year of elction in 2016. Ghanaians really voted massively against him for his incompetent act according to them. He was the candidate in 2020 and has still lose the election, if the NDC does not change him they going to lose bitterly because Ghanaians are not convinced enough to bring him back.

Another reason is, many people didn’t vote in the 2020 election. Everyone in the country new the NPP is going to win the election, I did a personal survey before and after election, many people at least 7 out the eight people were ready for NPP before election, the reason was the free SHS and how the NPP managed the the COVID-19.They realy appreciated that and loved to give him another year. Unfortunately the competition became tough for the NPP because many electorate didn’t vote because they knew NPP will win, indeed they won but the margin was less. All this people have regretted and will vote for the NPP if they still keep on doing their great jobs.

NPP is one of the parties blessed with strong and great leadership. They enriched with qualified candidates as compare to the NDC. Already people have started shouting for the Lies of Allan Kojo Kyeremanten and Bawumiah who is the current vice to be the next candidate for the NPP, there is no doubt, that the combination of these two will help the NPP win the election, any of them are threats to the NDC in 2024.This is a great advantage for the NPP to win again in 2024.

After the 2020 election, the NDC has lost their credibility because of how they acted after the 2020 elections and this can also go against them in 2024.This are all factors that can make the NDC Lose the elction in 2024.



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Gideon Kumi Appiah is a Ghanaian writer, poet and a blogger. He is also known as Jnrjakespear. He has written many articles which have really gone viral. He loves to motivate and educate. He is currently in the university Ghana and has the intellect of speaking the truth not defied informations. you can call him on 0547765238.

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