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Osman Nuhu write’s: Is it worth dying for Ghana? How we failed to celebrate Rawlings and Nkrumah when they were alive

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Sometimes a lot of thoughts cross through my mind. Is it really essential to die for Ghana? As much as i feel we should all be patriotic and dedicated to our country Ghana as citizens, i also have so many thoughts based on the fact that do we truly value and celebrate our leaders when they are alive? And i will answer myself with a big ‘NO’.

Leaders like Former President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings were not properly celebrated when they were alive. How can we progress as a country when we fail to properly honor our founding father and Statesmen when were alive. How some people chastise our hardworking leaders with all kinds of unscrupulous statements which are not based on facts.

Ghana’s first President , Kwame Nkrumah who sacrificed his life and education for Ghana was honored with coup d’état on the basis that he could not develop Ghana. Meanwhile no Ghanaian president has embarked on more developmental project like him from Akosombo Dam, Tema Motorway, Tema Harbor, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Adomi Bridge and a tall list of others.  Unfortunately he was honored with a coup d’état in 1966 which saw him staying oversee till he died in Romania in 1972. To me Nkrumah died out of betrayal and lack of appreciation from Ghanaians whom he spent his life fighting for, people are still fighting over his celebration after his death. Is it worth dying for Ghana or trying to be the next Nkrumah?

His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings died after over twenty-one years of serving Ghana in an hardworking and dedicated manner that we can ever get as a country.  Meanwhile we have a chunk of Ghanaians who still believe he did nothing for Ghana. A lot of people have criticized him for what they don’t even know, from people accusing him as an autocratic leader to others accusing him as a killer President which are not factual and are baseless. Jerry Rawlings once said, “The most dangerous mistake of any political force is to forget its roots.”

Why do we fail to properly honor our leaders when they are alive, Rawlings and Nkrumah are dead and gone, would we happily celebrate them now. Should i happily sacrifice my life for Ghana knowing  i won’t be properly honored when am no more? certainly i need to think twice about that.


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