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Ghana in the Eye of ‘Lockdown’ or ‘No Lockdown’? Prez. Akufo-Addo finds himself in a dilemma – Osman Nuhu

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The Blackstar of Ghana finds itself in yet another complicated situation. Considering the surge of Covid-19 in Ghana within these past weeks which has caused many health expects to conclude that we are in our second face of the pandemic. Most people are saying the only ringing bell is a ‘Lockdown’ if we are going to go by our figures.

Ghana has recorded nearly 10,000 new cases of Covid-19 pandemic within the past eleven days which is highly alarming and frustrating since many health practitioners and civilians are dying from the pandemic. The president of the republic of Ghana is expected to address the nation at exactly 8:00pm tonight on whether there will be a lockdown or no lockdown.

The president will definitely be in a dilemma considering the figures which is rapidly rising. If we take the figures into consideration then the president must implement a lockdown for some weeks to help reduce the numbers but the question is how will the civilians cope with it if it is implemented.

On the other hand, Lockdown will completely collapse the economy because even at the moment without lockdown people are facing it difficult to cope with the current condition. The ordinary Ghanaian on the street is finding it difficult to eat three-square meal a day in this lockless situation how about a lockdown? People will literally be dying from hunger.

Currently Ghana has a total of 4,665 active cases, 797 new cases, 405 deaths, 60,357 recoveries/Discharge, 65,427 Confirmed Cases.

With these figures, President Akufo-Addo will definitely be employing the wisdom of King Solomon in this dilemmatic situation in his State of the Nation Address tonight on whether there must be a lockdown or not.



Article By: Osman Nuhu


Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com


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