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This article will strictly center on the loopholes of the educational systems in Ghana and how it will bedevile the human resource in some few years ahead.

Education is an estranous sector of every developed country, it even plays significant role in the socio-economic development of every country.

Ghana has one of the moderate and quality education in West African Countries, her educational institutes have been recognized in Africa and across Africa. The question to ask our self is, has the education system lived up to expectation?

I would list some basic problems that is eating up the quality of education in the country, and this would have a great impact on the human resources when effective initiatives are not leveled to fight against it.

I hope the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry assigned to that, will take an effective decision after reading this,

1. The teacher training has become very cheap to access. It is rather ironical, that the various teaching institutions in Ghana admits students with lower aggregate, anyone at all can easily enter into the field of teaching with the common aim of generating money to start businesses. In my personal survey made on the educational institutes, many teachers in our various schools are not qualified because most of them didn’t acquire the good ethical skills in teaching. What do i mean, the institutions are focused on the theory part and have a few time for doing practical.I will conclude by addressing the issue of Bribery and Corruption, just imagine that, someone who has intellectual challenges have been enrolled in any the top universities in Ghana.The GES must do their homework well by ensuring effective supervision and strictly review their code of conducts for teaching annually.


2. Politics, Politics have a very great impact on our education currently the educational systems are being influenced by the initiatives of political parties, this may sound positive but has a very negative aspect because of the change in governance, this affect the trend and the consistency of the systems used to manage education in the country.There must be an independent body that will, decide on issues of concern, I think the president must not be the main chair of every meeting of the Ministry of Education. They must initiate permanent good policies to benefit all persons, for example, it is speculating that John Mahama might stop the Free Senior High School when he win power. All this could be a thing of the past , when the ministry becomes an independent body.The Changes in governance always affect the credibility of the education system.

3.Sylabus used for teaching, recently the GES introduced a new syllabus for the lower and upper primary, the syllabus were very interesting but seem impossible to be practiced in Ghana, yes, it demanded greatly for practicals but there were no logistics to gear it. We must scrutinize it since the pandemic has made the children stay home for long and have been promoted without any test.The GES must revive syllabus to ensure that it suits every student in the country.


Ghana is just building up poor human resources for the future, unlike the days where there were you must learn harder before you can even enter the university.Now anyone at all can just be enrolled in the university.Due to the increment in examination malpractice, many unqualified people are in the university and this person would become a resource person, many give bribes and pay for their tests to be done, I think this is the most dangerous part. All these things can stop when the GES becomes very serious with their duties.

In conclusion, with how the education system is structured now, I am afraid for Ghana.





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Gideon Kumi Appiah is a Ghanaian writer, poet and a blogger. He is also known as Jnrjakespear. He has written many articles which have really gone viral. He loves to motivate and educate. He is currently in the university Ghana and has the intellect of speaking the truth not defied informations. you can call him on 0547765238.

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