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OSMAN NUHU Writes: Why I Stopped Chasing Certain Things Everybody Is Dying For

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As they say most people chase valuable things and therefor everything that is saturated by many people we classify those things as valuable. I total disbelieve this analogy, i stand on the principle that inferior goods have many demands thus why i never chase everything that everybody wants. Our young generation is corrupted with the quest to chase certain things like, quick money, ‘Moesha Buduong’ shaped kind of women, drugs, flamboyant lifestyle, illogical competitions and other wasteful lifestyles.

I stopped chasing those things most young boys and girls are fighting and dying for because i think they are completely absurd and illogical to waste my precious time on things every tom, dick and harry wants. Apart from wasting my time on those things, i find it a bit crazy why this generation waste their time not realizing the fact that we have a very short life span.

I don’t dream about those things because i find it completely a waste of time to spend my time fighting over things which are very ‘cheap’ and frustrating. I don’t want to buy a cheap commodity for me to die from it later on. When it comes to money i believe in handwork and legally working smart but not dying for quick money which i may die from it anytime soon.

Per statistics, the population of women to men is more than a quadruple therefore why should i die because of women. Women are very valuable but it does not mean i should die if i don’t get the ”Moesha Buduong or Joselyn Dumas’ type of women. Most things you are dying for will come to you when you make it in life therefore why should i die over frustration over those things. Dangote does not need to talk for a woman to love him, his money will definitely do the talking and he can get all those women and more across the world.

This is a simple advice for everybody especially the young boys and girls not to die over anything that can frustrate them till death, you have to realize that what you are dying for today will later frustrate you to death. Leave you life within the things you can afford which will bring you peace. My peace of mind comes ahead of the booty girls, quick money and other unsolicited behaviors. Let’s prioritize our peace of mind over any superfluous wants.



Article By: Osman Nuhu


Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com



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