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Biography of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu

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Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu was born at Accra cow-lane in April 1919 by reputable parents from a well cultured and knowledgeable House. His father, Sheikh Imam Nuhu Sharubutu was the Imam-Raatib (regular or residential Imam) of the Accra Central Mosque in the late 1960s to 1982 when he demised.

His mother, Hajja Ayishatu Abbass popularly known as Mma Tasidi, may her soul rest in peace and perfect bliss, also contributed immensely to the moral and psychological development of her son by ensuring that he had the proper home upbringing to go side with Islamic Education.


Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu started his education at home from his father during the day and with his mother at night. Osman was sent to a new learning environment by his father after seeing his devotion for books and knowledge. He was taken to the Kumasi and there became his learning destination. He was taught by Abdullah Dan Tano. He went through Arabic Grammar, Arabic Literature and Texts, Islamic Jurisprudence and Hadiths.

After his studies in Kumasi, he devoted his time in teaching the Muslim youth who want to become Islamic thinkers and scholars. Osman continued the pursuit of knowledge even as a teacher himself.

Meeting Alhaji Sheikh Ibrahima Niass Qutbu Zaman

Mallam Osmanu continued with research on Sufism, by often devoting his leisure time in mosques to listen to the preachers of the Tijjaniyya movement and Sufism.

When his maternal uncle Sheikh Imam Alhadji Mohammed Abbas Mazawaje, who was the Accra Chief Imam saw the devotion, interest and handwork in Osmanu he introduced the Tijjaniya Movement’s Special Meditation to him, which he readily embraced.

He pursued the Tijjaniya Meditation till the arrival of the grand pioneer of the movement, the torch bearer and supreme commander of the Tijjaniya of the 20th century, Grand Sheikh Alhadji Ibrahim Nyass from Kaolack in Sénégal.

Sheikh Ibrahim Niass taught Mallam Osmanu the deeper spiritual aspect of Sufism and rudiments of mysticism and eserotics which smoothly paved the way for Mallam Osmanu to become a truly leader in the Tijjaniya Movement in Ghana.



In 1974, Osman was appointed the Deputy Regional Chief Imam of Ghana after discussions were held among Islamic personalities etc.

His appointment was done in consideration of his dedication to teaching Islam. He turned down the offer made to him but he was forced by some Muslim Chiefs to give it a thought.

In 1993, he was appointed the National Chief Imam of Ghana for the Muslim Communities in Ghana.

Awards and recognition

In November 2020, an ultra-modern sports complex that was built in his community New Fadama, was named after him. Former president Kufour claimed Osman deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the development of Ghana.

In December, he presented an award for being the ‘Best Zongo Minister and Muslim Politician for the year 2019/2020 to Mustapha Hamid who was the Minister for Inner Cities and Zongo Development.


The works and activities of the

1. Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund (SONSETFUND) www.sonsetfundgh.org and the

2. Islamic Peace and Security Council of Ghana (IPASEC) www.ipasecgh.org cannot be over emphasised or over looked in the contemporary Ghana.


The accomplishments of Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu at a glance;

1. The establishment of the Office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana in 1992

2. Engineered the realisation and manifestation of two (2) national holidays for Muslims in the official calendar of the Republic of Ghana

3. Establishment of seven Islamic schools; the Answaru-Deen Islamic School Complex, in the Greater Accra region

4. Self -trained, educated, sponsored and empowered over 50 well disciplined and taught students in Islamic studies and they have become force to reckon in the Muslim community in Ghana who have excelled in the field of Islamic knowledge and jurisprudence

5. Personally promoted Islamic education and encouraged the establishment of a unique system of education in Ghana, the marriage of traditional Islamic institutions and secular education to promote the acquisition of both.

6. Personally promoted and encouraged mutual understanding, dialogue and peaceful coexistence between religions (Interfaith relations) and intra religious believe (sects).

7. Self-sponsored (financially) hundreds of students to attain circular education in Ghana and abroad.

8. The establishment of an educational Trust Fund to support brilliant but needy students; the Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund (SONSETFUND) www.sonsetfundgh.org

9. The establishment of an organisation that promotes peace, unity and sustainable peace in Ghana and abroad; the Islamic Peace and Security Council of Ghana (IPASEC) www.ipasecgh.org

10. The establishment of an orphanage to look after the education and welfare of homeless Muslim kids in Ghana; the Nuuru Usmaniya Foundation for Humanitarian Services and Development (NUSMA

11. The establishment of a first class educational complex in Kasoa, Central Region; Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu Educational Complex

12. Engineered the attraction of the financier organis­­­ation (Hunan Development International Foundation-HUDAI from Turkey) on the ongoing construction of the National Mosque at Kawo Kudi, Kanda, Accra.

13. Personally officiated over 5000 marriages in Ghana alone

14. Led funeral prayers on over 4000 Muslims in Ghana

15. Personally officiated over the naming ceremonies of over 10,000 Muslim children.

16. He was decorated with honors by the premier nation’s university, the University of Ghana, Legon in 2006 with doctorate degree for his works in humanities, teaching, impacting knowledge and peaceful activities.

17. Several other local and foreign universities awarded him with doctorate degrees.

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