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LGBT+ must forever be banned and remain illegal in Ghana till eternity – Osman Nuhu Writes

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The recent uprise and unashamed perpetuating of LGBT which basically stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in Ghana is an eyesore and a possible denigration of our little moral values and customs left as a people. The recent opening of LGBT office in Ghana was the last stroke that most Ghanaians could take considering the fact that LGBT has been illegal in Gold Coast since 1860s and currently present day Ghana.

Ghana is a sovereign and independent country expected to be able to manage their own affairs based on our cultural principles and ideologies. The issue of this whole LGBT right crusade is neither here nor there, it is quite embarrassing to see our beloved county diminished to such an uncalled for behaviors instead of a more productive one. There is a 3 years imprisonment for LGBT culprits if consensual.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) is an umbrella term which includes a number of groups: lesbian (homosexual woman), gay (homosexual man or woman), bisexual (person who is attracted to both genders), transgender (person who identifies his gender as different from their biological one), queer (a synonym for gay; some people prefer to identify themselves as queer to empower themselves and take their identity “back from the bullies”), questioning (people who are unsure about their gender identity/sexuality), intersex (people with two sets of genitalia), asexual (people who are not sexually attracted to anyone and who don’t identify with any orientation), allies (the loving supporters of the community, though not necessarily part of it), two spirits (a tradition in many First Nations that considers sexual minorities to have both male and female spirits), and pansexual (person sexually attracted to others of any sex or gender).

Apart from the fact that Ghana must not accept LGBT right based on our cultural beliefs and ideologies, there is so many health and economic complications associated with it. Ghanaontheglobe.com brings you possible complications associated with LGBT and they are as follows:




The health status of the population in the country is going to be in a mess. Though diseases are all over, those who engage in LGBT are more prone to diseases than those who are not according to research. LGBT youth are more likely to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors leading to an increased incidence of STDs. The rates of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV are twice as higher in sexually minority youth, as in heterosexual men. The LGBT youth are at a higher risk for substance use, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), cancers, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, bullying, isolation, rejection, anxiety, depression, and suicide as compared to the general population.

Even in America that they’ve regulated and accepted it they can’t deny the complications they are going through. An article in the American Journal of Public Health surveyed 13,174 individuals between 2005 and 2007. It reported similar concerning trends among sexual minority youth in terms of sexually provocative behaviors. They are at an increased risk for recreational substance abuse, obesity, and multiple cancer-related risk factors.



One reason why i think the LGBT+ should never be entertained in Ghana is the fact that it is going to totally collapse the small morality left in our beloved country. Apart from that a lot of undecided youths/adults are going to be lured to believe there is nothing wrong with it. LGBT should never be entertained in Ghana irrespective of the external pressure.

Already most religious leaders and elders in our society are complaining about the high rise of immoral behaviors like prostitution, teenage pregnancy and a tall list of others that we’ve not been able to fully address. Legalizing LGBT will be like adding petrol to fire and definitely we all know what will be the outcome. LGBT legalization is a no go area for Ghana if we want to maintain our level of morality left as a country.



LGBT will definitely Increase the rate of unemployment in the country. This is because most people in the country are religious centered and will not like to buy or engage the services of LGBT people if they realize and it may lead to the possible sacking of such people because no employer will like to employ somebody in other to loose customers.

Because of the stigma associated with those who engage in such practices most   most employers are not willing to employ such into their various fields of jurisdiction. when there is an increase in unemployment, the economy of the country is affected negatively.



Article By: Osman Nuhu


Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com

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