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The dilemma of a depreciating Ghanaian cultural values

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From ancient times to now, our various religions despite their differences in believe and practice abhors these common behavior;  homosexuality, Gay, Lesbianism and sex before marriage. It is very disappointing to note that this highly regarded moral value has no regard again especially in this end times.

Within 10 years, the issue of sex before marriage and homosexuality have being a bone of contention in the world. From countries to religions, from ethnic groups to our localities and even to the lowest form of socialization which is our families and communities still have a substantive discourse about this pressing issue.

It is disheartening to say that Ghana, a country which is worldly recognized for it’s high moral standards is caught between the anvil and the hammer; that is to say whether to conserve our ancient cultural values or to follow modernity which will eventually lead to high level of immorality.

Before boiling down to the recent LGQBT in Ghana, let’s look at countries who pitifully embrace LGQBT and homosexuality as their golden eggs and the kind of negative implications they have faced.

Due to the quest for external support and donation we have sacrificed our integrity at the expense of our culture

Our leaders only believe in making money  and forgetting the fact  that making money without eternal joy is more unbearable than the word suffering.


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