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Police arrest lady who sells human meat at her restaurant

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The Police Service have arrested a very wicked woman who sells human meat at her restaurant.

According to Ghanaontheglobe.com  sources, the the lady prefers to sell human meat at her restaurant instead of the normal animal meat that restaurants are suppose to sell.

Most customers who visited her restaurant thought they where buying animal meat not knowing the wicked lady who’s name is hidden because of security reasons was rather selling human meat.

This incident happened at Anambra in Nigeria where upon hint the Nigerian Police Service arrested this wicked woman. After they arrested her, countless number of lifeless human body where found at her place.


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Upon the woman’s arrest, most neighbors who gathered at the scene where in full shock as they couldn’t believe what they where seeing.

Ghanaontheglobe.com can confirm to or readers that the lady is currently behind bars and she will be facing the full rigorous of the law. The lady is expected to disclose where she has been getting all those human meat she sells from.

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Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com

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