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Ghana Has No Reason To Celebrate 64 Years Of Independence As Long As The Last Child Lies Hopeless On The Street – Osman Nuhu Writes

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Ghana has no reason to celebrate 64 years of Independence as long as these years have not reflected in the lives of the larger Ghanaians. I totally disagree with the analogy of we celebrating our 64 years of Independence if most people in the country cannot boast of financial, social, economic, educational independence and freedom.

What are we celebrating 64  years of Ghana’s independence for? We are celebrating 64 years of hopelessness for most Ghanaians, 64 years of extreme poverty for most Ghanaians, 64 years of extreme corruption, 64 years of hundreds of thousands of people dyeing from  arm robbery and accidents, 64 years of our pregnant mothers dying at the hospital due to poor health system.

Are we going to deceive ourselves that Ghana is in a proper condition wealth celebrating? As long as am concerned Ghana lacks the moral right to celebrate 64 years when the system in the country is favorable to only few politicians in the society. As long as the last child lies hopeless and poor on the street no one should consider the celebration of 64 years of independence because that will be a total deception to ourselves as Ghanaians.

No one should raise the point that Ghana cannot be compared to America, United Kingdom, France and co with the theory that they did not start today. Before America became America was there any other America? We should not be made to believe and accept the mediocrity of our leaders who spent most years of their lives schooling abroad.

Ghanaian leaders must do better and stop celebrating mediocrity with the perception that everything is time, there is surely no time for celebration of an ineffective country for all. The only time we have is today, the only time we have is to wake up from our deep sleep and implement decisions that will not only affect the whims and caprices of our leaders but every Ghanaian as a whole.

Ghanaian leaders must do better, Ghanaian leaders must stop corruption, Ghana must stop importation of everything, Ghana must eradicate extreme poverty for all, Ghana must give every child access to quality free education, Ghanaian leaders must stop travelling to foreign countries to seek for medical care by providing us with the best medical facilities suitable for themselves, Ghanaian leaders must ensure that every Tom, Dick and Harry is given equal opportunity in the country and not who you know syndrome.

This are the problems we must be thinking about in our 64 years of 1 over  10 achievement and not to waste our time on any uncalled for celebration. Ghana has no reason to celebrate as long as the last child cries on the street due to poverty and unequal opportunity.



Source:  OSMAN NUHU/Ghanaontheglobe.com

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