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Osman Nuhu Writes: America In The Eyes Of Undemocratic Past; Resurrecting A Fallen Hero

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America been the first country in the world to provide the first formal blueprint for a modern democracy, much is bestowed on them to protect and serve the world as the best point of reference when high values and statutes of democracy is needed.

Democracy is rightfully defined by the sixteenth president of USA, Abraham Lincoln as ‘is government of the people for the people and by the people’. So per the definition, America’s democracy must run in such a way that put the well-being of the American people ahead of any other thing. America has an enviable track record of being the best point of reference as far as the world’s democracy is concern. This status is gradually diminishing as a result of some artificial factors. Below are three challenges and opportunities that America must deal with to keep it status.


First and foremost, Racial and religious discrimination is a deadly challenge that America is facing. America in recent times have  concurrently received bad publicity as far as religion and racism is concern which has brought a huge question mark on their highly rated democracy. Under the leadership of the  45th American president, Donald Trump many racial and religious atrocities have been recorded which reduces the highly respected status of America’s democracy. As we all know any democratic country allows a chunk of freedom for everybody as far as you go according to the law, the recent killing of George Floyd which was attributed to his black stature belittles the American democracy even in the eyes of the countries they wanted to   guide. Islamic countries were banned from coming to America under Trump’s leadership. This has deducted the democratic nature of America.

Trump’s executive order 13769 placed stringent restrictions on travel to the United States for citizens of Iran,Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and later adding Nigeria which a lot of people saw as a direct attack on the Islamic religion. A world democratic leader like America should seek to unite the world rather than closing bridges without a better solution rather than banning. This kind of approach weakens America’s democracy.


The best remedy to tackle this problem is, If America wants to regain their iconic status as the masters of democratic rule in the world, complexion and religion should not be used as a means of denying certain countries or people their democratically accepted rights. Some Americans have their relatives and family members who are Muslim and are staying in the banned Islamic countries. Racism against black Americans should be prevented from happening.


Also, The Collapse of America’s Healthcare and selfish  American world political and Economic interventions. America has lost his drive to put the world interest first both socially, economically and politically. America as we all know used to be the worlds last point of resort when any troubling event is tackling the world. In the first place America under the hospices of their late President Donald Trump, they failed to tackle challenges they where  facing not to talk of standing up for the world. The deadly Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 saw a total breakdown of the worlds powerful country, America to the point that foreign aid was coming from Russia to support them. America is suffering greatly from the Coronavirus pandemic to a point that they are the first country to record over 1,000,000 Coronavirus cases in the world.

At that point, the world needed America to rise to the occasion and save themselves and later save the world which they couldn’t. At long last the world’s most powerful country is not as powerful health-wise as we where made to believe. Smaller countries like Ghana, Nigeria were managing the pandemic more than America. America under Trump failed to realize an economic peace with some countries which led to an Economic trade war with China their big economic competitors. America’s government banned China companies from accessing the American market which lowered the standard they have built. Chinese company, Huawaii suffered bitterly and were given restrictions to the American market due to America’s selfish interest. American based Google Playstore is not available on China based Huawaii new phones due to the trade war between the two countries. America is expected to unite the world but not to fight with countries in the world.


For America to rise high and leave their current  status behind they must not be economically selfish but should put the interest of the world first and also equip themselves in their health sector so that when a new health crisis face the world they can rise and save the world as a true world leader. If they do these it will raise their Democratic stature as the best and biggest in the world. As the New Delhi declaration in India stated that one principle of rule of law in a democracy  is the economic and social well being of it’s people.


Finally, America must be able to unite and accept the democratic will of it’s people if they want to maintain their democratic credential. Donald Trump after the 2020 presidential election failed to accept the polls which later led to looting of shops and some chaos in America by the Trump supporters. America in it’s long duration of its democracy should not be destroying shops and use of violence because a president lost election. The first and last call should have been the court and nothing else. How can America advise Ghana or any democratic country in the world to stop that if they are doing same.


For America to maintain it’s status as the biggest and best democracy in the world they must respect their constitution and the practice of rule of law so that they can correct other world countries if the are going wayward.



Article By: Osman Nuhu


Source: Ghanontheglobe.com

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