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Six Pastors Of Lighthouse Chapel Shockingly Resigns; Sue Church Over Abuse And Unpaid Arrears

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According to information reaching Ghanontheglobe.com, an investigation by Edwin Appiah of The Fourth Estate has uncovered Six(6) Pastors from Lighthouse Chapel International (now UD-OLGC) who have sued the church over unpaid arrears and abuse.

The Six Pastor (two of them are bishops) of Lighthouse Chapel International (now UD-OLGC) have resigned from the church over tales of abuse and trauma they suffered while serving the church in and outside Ghana.


Forty-five(45)-year-old Former Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International, Larry Odonkor, discovered that the church had defaulted in paying his pension contribution after he resigned in 2020. According to him Lighthouse Chapel International did not pay his mandatory pension contribution for a cumulative 14 years.

Five of his colleagues in the ministry— a bishop, three reverend ministers, and a pastor—were not paid their Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions in full. Some did not have even a single month of their SSNIT contributions paid at all.


Together, these six ministers of God laboured for a cumulative 42 years and five months without the payment of their pension contributions, which employers are mandated by law to pay on behalf of their employees.

They worked in Lighthouse but their future, life after retirement is dark, they say.

They say they were drawn into the ministry by their spiritual father, founder and Presiding Bishop of the church they served, Dag Heward-Mills. Most of them, who served as student-leaders in the gospel, say they were not given employment letters. There was no formal employer-employee relationship when they transitioned into full-time service of the Lord after graduation.


The six have resigned from the church for various reasons and dragged the Lighthouse Chapel International, which used to be the epicentre of their spiritual and social lives, to court. They are praying the court to compel the church to pay their SSNIT contributions as well as other rights they say the church violated since they went into ministry there, some immediately after leaving the university.

They believe there are more silent victims among the 111 bishops and over 2,300 pastors of Lighthouse, who are currently shepherding more than 6,070 churches in 92 countries across the world. Apart from enforcing their rights, they say the reason they are speaking up is to ensure that those still serving in the church do not suffer what they have been through.

L-R: Larry Odonkor, Emmanuel Oko Mensah, Edem Kofi Amankwa, Seth Sarpong Duncan,  Edward Laryea, and Faith Fiakojo. They have resigned from Lighthouse and have sued the church for violating their rights.

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NOTE: Some parts of our story was taken from Edwin Appiah of The Fourth Estate investigation.


Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com

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