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Prez. Akufo-Addo orders immediate hold on recruitment by all state security institutions

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According to a release cited by Ghanaontheglobe.com which was released by the Ministry of Finance under the directive of President Akufo-Addo all state security institutions have been Advised to put all recruitment on hold with immediate effect.

According to the release the directive was necessitated by inadequate funding. With the exception of National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) whose funding are not from Ghana all other state security recruitment are suppose to be on hold until further notice. The release by the Ministry of Finance states,


“The President of the Republic through the Ministry of Finance has directed that all Recruitment in the state security institutions should be on hold for now until the rightful clearance or instruction is communicated. There was funding and reason the communique went to various institutions that have stake in the recruitment slots. However, there was a meeting that all stakeholders were present with regards to the above communication. After the long meeting with the President on that final days for the training, we concluded on the following since there will not be funding to support logistically, allowance wise and even salary wise after their pass out for now.


“1- That all state security institution should hold on with their training session until the rest of the 70% funding for the new trainees reflects.

2- The President had a communication and we were given 40 —60 working day for the rest of the funding to mature.

3- That all security institution that have their men on the training should fund their final training with IGF until such funding is secured within the above-mentioned working days.

4- That all new trainees such as CEPS, GIS, GPS and GFS respectfully must be horded until otherwise is been communicated to the various heads.

5- That the only security service that can reschedule its training date & time is the Ghana BNI which has its separate training funding from the DEPLOMATIC CORP of the good people of SWITZARLAND (GENEVA).”

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Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com

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