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“Bishop Dag pressured me to divorce and sack my wife” – Former Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel

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According to Ghanaontheglobe.com reports a former Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International has shockingly revealed that their founder advised him to quit his marriage.

Bishop Oko Mensah has indicated that he was pressured to divorce his wife Emmanuella Mensah by his own father, Bishop Dag Heward-Mill.

In his writ filed at the Accra High Court, Bishop Oko Mensah accused Presiding Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of pressuring him to divorce his wife. According to him, he was “unduly pressured by the Founder of the Defendant church to divorce his wife because she was perceived to be a stumbling block” to his [Bishop Oko Mensah’s] ministry.

This pressure resulted in “psychological and emotional trauma”, according to Bishop Oko Mensah’s court documents sighted by The Fourth Estate.


Bishop Oko revealed that there was a time that his wife rejected a birthday gift from him and he went to meet Dag Heward-Mills at the church premises. Oko Mensah says the presiding bishop asked him to divorce her. He, however, says that Dag Heward-Mills’ posture towards his marriage was formed even before their wedding day.

Bishop Oko Mensah indicated that presiding bishop had expressed reservations about his marriage to Emmanuella. (The nature of these reservations is very sensitive and disturbing so we’ve exercised the discretion not to publish them).

Bishop Oko Mensah says, on several occasions, when he complained about his marriage to some senior officials of the church and Dag Heward-Mills, the advice would include “sack her from the house.”

He recounts an embarrassing situation he faced at a staff meeting held in Mampong in the Eastern Region and attended by university students who are members of the church as well as other pastors and bishops. It was there that Bishop Oko Mensah says the harassment and abuse went a notch higher.

“He [Dag Heward-Mills] turned to me angrily and shouted, ‘You, you are weak. You are weak. Even the woman you have gone to marry, one day, when you leave her, she will come crying to Bishop Sackey.’’



Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com

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