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Black Lives Matters Activist, Shasha Johnson Shot In London

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Ms Shasha Johnson, renowned community activist and community support. She has been a strong pillar in the Black Lives Matter movement in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Taking the Initiative Party’s leadership committee. (TTIP)

The 27-year-old has life-threatening traumas following the shooting on Consort Road, in Peckham, south London.
TTIP said Ms Johnson had undergone an operation and remained in critical care, in recovery post-surgery.

The Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP) said she was being regaled in intensive care after being “brutally attacked” in the earlier hours of Sunday.

The party characterizes itself as intending for “to create real change in neighbourhoods across the UK by setting the agenda in government”.

It said it wanted to do this by putting forward “outstanding prospects who truly embody their neighbourhoods, gaining seats to create a Parliament that looks like the society it leads”.

Black Lives Matters UK said it was surprised by the shooting of “a young mother and fearless political campaigner who was at the vanguard of many BLM protests last summer”.

It said that while she was not part of the organisation, “she impressively founded a new Black-led political party and was dedicated to resisting anti-Black racism”.

The group added: “Any attempt to frighten or silence her, is an attack on all of us.”
Police said there was currently no evidence to suggest it was a targeted shooting

According to (TTIP) Ms Johnson was a mother of two kids and a “powerful voice” who had always been battling for black people and against the injustices and grievances that affect the black society.

“Let’s all come together and pray for Sasha, pray for her comeback and show our backing to her family and loved ones,” the statement read.

The Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP) said she was being treated in intensive care after being “brutally attacked” in the early hours of Sunday.

For now, the police are still on the investigation.


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