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Asante Nation Descend On Bishop Dag Over Otumfuo Insult; Advices Him To Stop “Stealing” From The Poor

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Ashanti Kingdom seems not to be happy with Founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills over a leaked audio which has been alleged to be the voice of the popular man of God.

As Ghanaontheglobe.com earlier reported, the audio believed to be Bishop Dag addressing his Pastors  saw the man of God take highly respected Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to the gutters by insinuating that the King’s regime as overlord of Asante Kingdom as useless.

Asante Nation which is one of the mouth piece of the Asante Kingdom has heavily descended on Dag by advising him to stop criticizing Otumfuo but he should rather stop stealing money from poor people in his church. Below is the full release by Asante Nation,

“It is sad that some Ghanaians have taken advantage of the silence of our traditional leaders to take a jab on them in every opportunity they get as if they voted for nananom to lead the country. And to this end, some pastors in Ghana think they also have shoulders to insult nananom at the least moment they get.


“We live in a country where “so called” men of God think they’ve gotten it all to jab Otumfuo, after they have extracted from the poor to enrich themselves and their solipsistic interest so they have grounds to throw the first blow, anokwa. In fact, so called men of God should be the last people, in fact the last batch of categories to even throw shades on traditional authorities. After you have finished disgracing God and His son Jesus Christ you want to turn to Nananom. It won’t work…………

“Bishop Dag Heward Mills, your church Lighthouse Chapel is almost 40 years old, what has been the benefit of your church to Ghanaians? How many schools have you opened for the poor people in your church? How many hospitals have you built? How endowments funds and educational funds have you set up in your church take care of the poor in your church after extracting the little they have in the name of God? You can’t even pay your Junior Pastors who have worked their ass out to see your church grow and you think you have a ground to throw jab at Asantehene. Such an insolence.


“You and your church have been dragged to court by your own pastors for not paying your employees pension contributions and you want to pick on Otumfuo.

You are ranting of Otumfuo not contributing, really? What have you and your church contributed as a quota to Ghana’s development? Other churches are building schools and hospitals for government to take over. Church of Pentecost recently built a world class prison camp and handed it over to the government, What has your church also done apart from amassing wealth for yourself and your family at the negligence of your poor pastors?

“During the pandemic when churches like Church of Pentecost were giving out their Convention Center to be used as a treatment centre, what did you do? You were busy insulting the president calling him “ignoramus” because he banned all church gatherings that affected your “cash cow” national convention. Yet your church members see the need to worship your feet and the very grounds you step on. They even worship you “a human” a “mortal” more than God of heavens and you want to pick on Otumfuo?

“These merchants of hope and religious entrepreneurs usually think of themselves as some great visionaries and extraordinary leaders. Because the faith of their ignorant followers guarantees them blind loyalty and a continuous stream of weekly income, they get a lot of resources available to them. The availability of these resources helps them to build nothing beneficial only mega church complexes and they begin to see themselves as more useful as traditional authority. The difference here is the bloodline of leadership; money. They have monies coming in consistently multiple times a week, all year round while traditional rulers do not have any such thing at their disposal and you want to insult Otumfuo leaving those piece of garbages called chiefs in your hometown.

“However, woe unto you for criticism him and see the curses he will rain on you. Few weeks ago some of his Pastors complained of Heward Mills not paying them including their social security bills among others. Come and see the curses he rained on these pastors for sharing their grievances. He didn’t curse them because it was a lie, he cursed them because his pastors have embarrassed him publicly. Nsemfoo nkoaa na monim.

“1. You were educated with the taxpayers’ money to become a medical officer, but decided to form a church to fleece the gullible, instead of taking care of the sick. And you think you have grounds to insult traditional leaders.

“2. Have you ever paid any taxes to Otumfuor, for you to question what he does or doesn’t do?

“3. Where did you get this idea of the King marrying many women? If even it’s so, is that your business? How many wives didn’t King David and King Solomon have in the bible including thousands of concubines, and you refused to make reference to that?

“4. Are you the one who sponsors whatever celebrations the King organises or do you contribute to them for you to complain?

“5. Why don’t you concentrate on solving the mutiny in your own church, rather than trying to outreach where you can never reach, not even in your dreams?

“6. You are just ignorant of traditional institutions so shut up, your church is under public ridicule, concentrate on how you will find your way out of the court of law.

“If you want to know what the king has done, you are even lucky Former Presidents Kuffuor and Mahama are alive, call them and they will testify the goodness of the king to you. Visit our sister kingdom, Dagbon and they will testify. Visit Manhyia and see the many projects he is embarking.

Even in the midst of your holy meeting, your own holy pastors have exposed you. Armed robbers with suits. Saman”



Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com

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