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First Lady’s Decision To Refund Allowance A Bad Step – Osman Nuhu Writes

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I find it quite unfortunate for the First Lady of Ghana, Her Excellency Rebecca Akufo-Addo to refund all legally mandated allowances paid to her since 2017  which is believed to be 899,097.84 an arrogant step.

Am drawing this conclusion on the basis that the first lady decided to refund the past  allowance and boycott future allowance on the premises that Ghanaians are criticizing her after the Baidu Ntiamoah Committee’s report suggested that the First and Second Lady should be on a monthly salary pay roll due to their service to Ghana.

I quote Her Excellency Rebecca Akufo-Addo’s press release to establish my point,

“Her Excellency the First Lady of the Republic is refunding the amount stated above and also takes the opportunity to decline any allowances to be paid to her in the future.

The decision follows what Mrs Akufo-Addo describes as distasteful and “seeking to portray her as a venal, self-serving and self-centred woman, who does not care about the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian”.

First of all, the first Lady’s decision to refund past allowance over wide public criticism an arrogant step because as somebody who is occupying a position in the interest of Ghanaians she should be the last person to get angry over a public criticism which has been the norm since time immemorial when national issues are up for dialogue.

That gesture symbolize the fact that she feels too big to be criticized by the same people who gave her husband the power.

She could have kept quiet even if she doesn’t like the salary because it is not only about him but a decision that will affect her future successors that’s why the committee was set up in the first place to make necessary recommendation.

I expect her to resign as the first lady after she got angry over been criticized by Ghanaians for the possible monthly salary recommendation and her decision to refund a money(allowance) approved by Ghana(Parliament).

How can Madam Rebecca Akufo-Addo get angry over a common criticism by Ghanaians and decide to refund a money the country has paid to her?

How can somebody who can easily get angry at Ghanaians over a common criticism still occupy the First Lady position?

I agree that the first lady should legally be paid what she truly deserve and be held accountable but his gesture is a NO for me.



By: Osman Nuhu /Ghanaontheglobe.com

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