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Biography of Shaykh Mahy Cisse

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Shaykh Mouhamadou Mahy ibn Aliyu Cisse is a Muslim, teacher, and consummate spiritual guide to millions around the globe. His lifestyle and teaching methods reflect the principles of the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

An accomplished scholar, known for his erudition and the simplicity of his lifestyle, his patience and compassion have made him particularly popular among younger students and spiritual aspirants, while winning him the admiration of his peers and elders as well. A life under the tutelage of family members who would be counted among West Africa’s most renowned scholars, combined with the rigorous training of al-Azhar University, the world’s most prestigious Islamic educational institution, and years of experience as a teacher of a diverse community of students from around the world have provided the Shaykh with a uniquely broad perspective that is especially relevant today.

I use this medium to welcome back our great teachers back online. Your poor servant extend his teslim. Yah Maolaya
Shaykh Mahy is the grandson of the West African luminary of Islamic scholarship, Shaykh al Islam, Al Hajj Ibrahim Niasse (d.1975).

He is the third son of Shaykh Ibrahim’s most accomplished student and successor, Shaykh Sayyidi ‘Ali Cisse (d.1982), and his daughter, Fatimah Zahra Niasse, also an accomplished scholar in her own right.
Shaykh Mahy completed memorization of the Qur’an at age 12 under the supervision of Mauritanian scholar Abdullah Ould Rabbani.

He then underwent extensive study in all of the traditional Islamic sciences in the local scholarly circles of Medina Baye
— a city in the Kaolack region of Senegal known as a hub for West African Islamic scholarship and established by his grandfather, Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse (RA). Here he studied under the supervision of his father.

After completing his studies under the careful tutelage of his remarkably scholarly family, he traveled to Egypt to continue his educational pursuits. Here he would excel academically, obtaining a masters degree in Islamic studies from Al- Azhar University, the premier Islamic institution for higher leaning in the Muslim world.

After returning to Senegal, Sheikh Mahy worked closely with his brother, the decorated scholar, Imam, and humanitarian Imam Shaykh Hassan Aliyu Cisse (RA), assisting in attending to the needs of a global community of over 100 million followers.

Under the guidance of his brother, Shaykh Mahy undertook the responsibilities of overseeing an educational institution servicing students from around the world as the Director of Studies at the African American Islamic Institute (AAII), an international, non -governmental organization recognized by the UN, founded by Shaykh Hassan Cisse
— a position holds until this day.

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This institution would go on to produce numerous male and female Hufaz
(persons who have memorized the entire Qur’an), with a significant number of these being American born Muslim children, along with others from Senegal and neighboring African countries.

Under Shaykh Mahy leadership, the school quickly grew to employ many knowledgeable teachers – mostly fellow graduates of Azhar from Senegal, Mauritania, Nigeria, and Egypt. Aside from Qur’an memorization programs, the school offers a comprehensive Azhar preparatory education (through thanawiyya or baccalaureate level) and includes electives in French and English language instruction.
At this time, Shaykh Mahy was also directed by his elder brother to provide direct instruction and spiritual training of countless students and community members.

While the Shaykh has served as a teacher and spiritual guide to students of all ages and from all around the world, his humility and approachability have made him particularly popular among young
aspirants, including many in the US, the UK, and the Caribbean.

Alhamdulillah fi badhi wafi hatimi # wa-shukuru lillahi izi wajahu brahamon.

Cheikh Mahy Cisse often referred to as the “Shaykh of the young people”, his unique ability to provide effective spiritual guidance and instruction in the traditional Islamic sciences to young people facing the pressures and challenges of the day have drawn many to Islam and to the Tijani community.

Shaykh Mahy has emerged as one of Senegal’s most accomplished and energetic scholars. He is an active member of the Mauritanian-Senegalese Council of Islamic Scholars, and has been a key-note speaker at Islamic conferences in Morocco, Britain, South Africa, Trinidad, and the United States.
He is the author of The Noctournal Journey and the Heavenly Ascension (Nasrul Ilm Atlanta, 2008), an English translation of a lecture series he originally delivered in Arabic. He has also authored collections of poetry in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), and is currently writing a comprehensive commentary on the poetry of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse.

Shaykh Mahy is a teacher of tasawuf (Islamic spirital cultivation) and a promoter of the Tijani Tariqa, a traditional Islamic spiritual path that emphasizes adherence to the Sunnah(example and teachings) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) & the established principles of Islam, and spiritual cultivation through dhikr
(remembrance of God) and gratitude for the multitude of Divine favors bestowed upon humanity.

One of the most popular of the many Sufi (traditional Islamic spiritual paths), the branch of the Tijani path associated with Shaykh Mahy’s grandfather alone comprises more than 120 million followers. Nyass RTA!!!!! Upon the death of his elder brother, Shaykh Hassan Cisse in 2008, Shaykh Mahy Cisse inherited the responsibility of aiding in the management of the largest religious community on the African continent along with his brother, Imam Shaykh Tijani Cisse, who became the Imam of the Masjid in Medina Baye in Senegal. Cisse RTA. Solatul fatihi, suratul lkhlas 3 & Solatul fatihi for Imam of all saints.

As an inheritor of the thousand-year-old legacy of Islam in West Africa, Shaykh Mahy and his brother represent an exceedingly important perspective within the landscape of the Muslim world today.
In my humble & poor servant conclusion of this presentation, In the midst of continued teaching in the learning circles of Medina-Kaolack, running the school as Director of Studies at AAII, writing,
delivering lectures around the world, guiding spiritual aspirants, and whatever else requires his time, Shaykh Mahy has earned a reputation for remaining a paradigm of serenity, purity, and accessibility among the people. This is the few literature your brother in Islam & in the fold of Tijjaniyyah can present.


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