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Ghanaian youth, Accra branch, solicit over ¢24,065 to buy materials for fixthecountry campaign

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A chart spotted in the fixthecountry WhatsApp group has got many Ghanaians talking as it looks very ironic, in the sense that, they think the money spent on the demonstration could be used to create a business.

However, the activist for fix the country campaign sees that as a sacrificial job to speak for the whole country, the chart below is a subpart of Accra making preparations for the demonstration.

Other Regions are also preparing for the August 4 demonstration.

“Folks, we are raising funds to procure all the logistics we need for the August 4th Demonstration. We have put together a budget for the major things we need. If you want to cover the costs for any of the items, contribute to it or donate, we will very much appreciate it. We are asking for your support to cover the expenses.

If you want to cover any of the items, kindly reach out to us.
You can also send us any donations anonymously. See the attached photo.”

Water: 4500 (2.50*150) = 375 ghs
Nose Masks: (6x 20) = 120 ghs
Placards: 300x (4 cedis for printing) + (1700ghs wood)= 3000 Ghs
Banners: (12 ft x 1 = ). 6ft x 2
Ambulance: 1000ghs
Loud Hailers: 2x 250 = 500ghs
Energy Bars = 1500x 3ghs = 4500ghs
Energy Drinks = 1.70ghs x 1500= 2550ghs
Biscuits= 1500x 1 = 1500 ghs
ROBB MENTHOL Sweets: 4x 150 = 600 ghs
Bandage: 3.5x 20= 70ghs cedis
Hand sanitizers: 4x 700 = 2800 ghs
Pain Killers: 50p x 100 = 50 ghs
Pain Massage Cream (Robb) = 200
Plaster (band aid): 50px 100 = 50 ghs
Menstrual Kits: 2packs = 24 ghs
Hair Ties: 20 ghs
Music Trucks: 250 ghs x 2: 500 ghs
Speakers: 2x 400 = 800ghs
Towels: 5x 10= 50ghs
Canola Oil (tear gas protection) = 50ghs
Waste Plastics bins = 50ghs
Tranportation (moving items) = 300ghs
Whistles = 5 x 60= 300ghs
Red cloth = 15x 10= 150 ghs
Reflective Vests = 50x 40 = 2500ghs
Glucose: 10 cedis x 100= 1000ghs
Vitamin C = 2 cedis x 100 = 200ghs
Black Tape: 10 cedis.
Brooms: 2 = 10 : 20ghs
Balloons = 25ghs x 20 = 500ghs
Note pads: 5x 3= 15 ghs
Dettol: 30x 3 = 90ghs
Photo & videographers (4): Equipment Rental: 2,020ghs

Volunteering needs:
Nurses (3)
Lawyers and paralegals (5)
Marshals (40)
COVID-19 Protocols enforcers: 50




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