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The Best Performance Of NDC Is Not Even Up To NPP’s Worst Performance Since The Fourth Republic-UG TESCON Member, Mr. J.Gyamfi

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After having a cute interview with one of the most vibrant TESCON members and a social advocate on the UG campus, Mr Joseph A.Gyamfi stated emphatically, that “The best performance of NDC is not up  to NPP worst performance and I am saying that is on the non-partisan basis” The interview ensued on 18th April 2021.

He said “since the Fourth Republican of Ghana, the National Democratic Congress has produced six presidential leaders and the New Patriotic Party had produced four, thus and their vice, but the performance of NDC cannot be compared to NPP in any way. I am not comparing Person to person but upon my analysis, since the fourth Republic I will rate NDC 56% and NPP 81%”

Mr Gyamfi supports his claim with two major programs that have helped the country’s growth under NPP’s regime which is the first of its kind.

He said that looking at the educational sector, NPP has brought exceptional educational reforms which has improved the standards of teaching and learning and this shows NPP believe education is one of the most valuable tools for the development of every country and there is no doubt on how incredibly the NPP government had done to make quality education accessible to all, he feathered that, the new curriculum which was created by the GES under the NPP government will build the young ones intellectually and make education very easy to go, it is loaded with a lot of practicals that will also equip the students.

He dated back to 2000 and said, “during the former president John Agyekum Kuffuor’s Era, he introduced Capitation Grant for school children; Provided about $2 per child for cultural, sports and development fees, introduced a School Feeding Program (SFP); and 500,000 children currently being fed in 10 regions. Improved primary school enrollment ratio from 2000 to 2005, reaching 90% for boys and 87% for girls
The attendance ratio for the same period was above 60% for both groups.”

He continued that, the biggest of it all is the project enacted in September 2017, the Free Senior High School project, a scheme granting free tuition to all attendees of public secondary school to support the Free Senior High School policy, the country prioritized repairing over 50 lower and secondary school physical infrastructures and created structure building projects covering more than 42 regional school districts. Giving students a more secure physical space makes them thrive and flourish in the classroom. There has been a construction of primary school structures in so many different districts to allows more children than ever in rural and urban Ghana to have access to the education that they are entitled to.

Secondly, he believes the NPP government is more open than any other government, it allows the public to say and accept the public point of view, especially under Nana Addo’s regime, he cited an example that, President Nana Addo and Dr Bawumia are the only presidents to have allowed the press to interview them every six months and go on radio stations frequently for interviews, to him, this act has redefined democracy in Ghana and that substantiates how profound the NPP government is.

He concluded “I can give many reasons to support my stands but I know Ghanaians have trust in the NPP that’s why they voted well and I know NPP will break the cycle of 8 years tenure of office.



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