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Osman Nuhu Writes: 80% Of UG Students Didn’t Vote During Presidential Run-off; Redeeming Dilapidated SRC Should Be Asumadu And Ndukwe’s Focus

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The much anticipated University of Ghana Student Representative Council(UGSRC) elections can now be called a thing of the past after a ‘’rambolic’’ and ‘’terminator’’ kind of display at the latter part of the whole electoral process.

The delay of the online voting results which drained and tirelessly stressed thousands of students through-out midnight of Friday, 30th October, 2021 due to the incompetence of the Electoral Commission(EC) shouldn’t be repeated.

The EC are dully credited averagely for their performance throughout the entire election process and not  forgetting all candidates who contested in various categories for ensuring a smooth democratic process.

Elections in general are tagged as successful when majority of the electorate exercise their franchise through voting. 2021 UG SRC elections including the famous Presidential run-off election failed to even secure 20% vote participation from the student population.

Out of  the 78,208 students who were eligible to vote only  14,808 valid votes where recorded during the Presidential run-off elections between Prince Asumadu, Wisdom Ndukwe and Samuel Ofosu Amos, Alfred Acquah as President and Vice President respectively. Combining the total votes, all the candidates together where only able to secure 18% of the total valid vote .

Taking these figures into consideration the 2020/2021 Acting SRC President Kwame Amo Ntow and his executives failed to leave up to expectation which caused the current low turnout.

Majority of University of Ghana students have lost hope in Kwame Amo Ntow led SRC which  is very calamitous.Their tenure is almost over and nothing much can be said about the legacy of Ntow led SRC.

After been voted as President elect Prince Asumadu and Vice President elect Wisdom Ndukwe have ‘a mountain to carry’ if they are to cause a positive change which will benefit the entire student population.

The new SRC President and his executives must tackle issues facing UG students like irregular WiFi supply, security problem, theft, poor academic calendar, confronting the authorities at the top hierarchy for the benefits of all students without fear or favour.

The only legacy for the newly elected SRC President and Vice is that they must make sure that every tom, dick and harry feel the positive transformation in their tenure without them being whimsical and capricious.



Article By: Osman Nuhu /Ghanaontheglobe.com

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