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University of Ghana in the eyes of filth and garbage, Osman Nuhu uncovers a big sanitation threat at Balme Library

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The number one tourist attraction on University of Ghana campus seems to be in it worst state and currently crying for urgent attention.

It’s quite awful to realize that 74 years in the life of Ghana’s apex University thus University of Ghana seems not to be reflecting in the field of sanitation.

Ghanaontheglobe.com has uncovered a very devastating development at University of Ghana  precisely the Balme library front view monument  where the beautiful view has now been taken over by filth for over a year.

It comes as very worrying and unfortunate as the front view of West Africa’s biggest library, Balme library has been engulfed in filth and garbage.

The entrance monument of the Balme library has been surrounded with filth for sometime now leaving many wandering and ‘’shockprised’’ as to what the leadership and management of University of Ghana are doing pertaining to this issue which has been there for a year now.

Some people have intentionally made it a duty to litter waste inside the empty monument which was suppose to be filled with water to serve as a centre of attraction.

What looks like a Tourism view for most people on University of Ghana Campus especially newcomers who come around has now become unpleasant, producing bad odour making those using the Balme library and it environs uncomfortable.

Years ago when it comes to the cleanest university in Africa, University of Ghana was considered number one or among the best but now little can be said when we even want to talk about the cleanest university in Ghana.

When did this start?

The answer maybe quite funny but this situation has been the same for the paste one year since I have been using the Balme library venue.

Who should be blamed for and how did we arrive here? As a normal Ghanaian culture we won’t be surprised if the place is cleaned and brought back to it past shape after this article as it is normally done but someone failed to execute his/her task.

Who is to be blamed for? Can’t the University management deal with this issue?

It sadden most of us to realize that Ghana’s Premier University has been lowered to this standard whereby places of pleasure has now turned to be places of filth and bad odour.

This shouldn’t be like the usual gimmick were nobody is punished or held accountable.

Those who failed to discharge their duties must be seriously punished for undermining University of Ghana to this level.

As the motto goes ‘’Integri Procedamus’’, the management and the school leadership must rise and see to the immediate restoration of the beautiful monument to it rightful place.


Current Front View Of The Balme Library:













Source: Osman Nuhu / Ghanaontheglobe.com

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