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Naadu’s Performance as Ag. President below average, Asumadu has a big and achievable task ahead – Osman Nuhu write’s

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It’s quite unfortunate that in a space of three months, University of Ghana(UG) has seen three  Student Representative Council(SRC) President elect which is quite chaotic and intricate the already disconnected front between UGSRC and majority of the student body.

It’s quite excruciating to realize that within a space of three months, University of Ghana has gotten three UGSRC President(both elect, illegally substantive and acting) which is highly unprecedented in recent times.

On 26th December, 2021, Ntow Fiankor illegally sworn in Samuel Amos Ofosu as UGSRC President which was rejected by the University management, after a release by the school’s management Stephanie Naadu on
31st December, 2021 was elected as Acting UGSRC President.

As we all know on 10th March, 2022 an Accra High Court ordered University of Ghana management to swear in Prince Asumadu as a substantive UGSRC President.This is quite shambolic that Ghana’s Premier University can be inconsistent as far as UGSRC Presidency is concerned.

More than 70% of UG students didn’t vote during the UGSRC election which shows the distrust by students as far as the recent SRC election is concerned.

After Months in office it is regrettable to note that most students have lost confidence in the Naadu led administration including myself considering the kind of endorsement some of us gave her.

I will be the happiest person to write and congratulate Naadu for a good work done but unfortunately all arrows point to the fact that her performance is below average.

Months in office Naadu cannot boast of fixing or addressing critical issues that affect students directly.

More than one month since I wrote and personally notified Ag. President Stephanie Naadu concerning the mess at the front view of Balm Library where the fountain and it monument has been turned into a refuse dump nothing has been said or done.

Leadership as we all know rotate around solving critical issues of concern raised by your followers which am sad to say Naadu has failed to do.

Under the current Naadu’s administration, thousands of students were stranded as far as accomodation is concerned. I know issues of accommodation aren’t in the hands of the SRC but the President could’ve as a matter of leadership shown genuine concern by standing behind student firmly to hold management accountable as far as accomodation is concerned.

Apart from a “thanks giving” appointment that favours the Acting SRC President and his people nothing urgent and extraordinary has been done by Naadu and her administration.

Speaking to students, most of them have lost hope and trust in the current Naadu administration.

It is constructive to note that Prince Asumadu has a big task ahead which is possible and some of us will be there to congratulate him if he does something great and constructively criticize him if he does the opposite.

I hope and believe Prince Asumadu succeed and he will form an administration that will firmly represent the best interest of the students.



Article By: Osman Nuhu

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