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Letter to Ag. Prez. Stephanie Naadu

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Dear Stephanie,

I feel entangled and faced with no other option than to pen down this letter to you. First of all, congratulations on your appointment as Acting University of Ghana Student Representative Council(UGSRC) President and for saving our dear school the disgrace of not having an SRC President as a result of the recently concluded court case with respect to the SRC Presidency which I will address in my subsequent articles.

I will be quite an erranouse person to state that zero achievement has been witnessed in your administration even though there is more and more to be done.

Realistically if you don’t know, Madam President, most students are complaining and whispering quietly in their various halls, hostel, markets, lecture rooms, bus stops, food joints and other places due to concerns and solvable issues that they are facing but the SRC headed by yourself seems to have turned a deaf hear to such cry which is quite unfortunate.

The complains are not directed at you because i dislike you, no, but on the contrary it is directed to you because you are occupying such position and we expect more from you.

As the famous akan adage goes, “to whom much is given much is expected”, so it is constructive to note that this letter is articulated to highlight some issues faced by students and solutions that I deem relevant to solving them. I will start by highlighting some of the problems and possible solutions, they are:


1. Both level 200s and 100s don’t have an official University of Ghana Students Identity Card.

Isn’t it funny to note that both level 200s and 100s of the student body that you are leading don’t even have a common student ID which should be a basic necessity for all students. Our closest rivals Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have been able to make sure that all students including the new level 100s have a student ID. We all know that the SRC is not directly in charge of the students ID but you cannot say that as the leader of students you can’t even pressure the school authorities to fulfill their duty by releasing “common” students ID which we’ve paid for. The SRC headed by yourself have blinded their eyes to this issue which is approaching two years in the case of the level 200s. It will be quite a failure on your side as President if you do nothing about it.

The best solution is for the SRC to put pressure on the school management so that they will start giving out the students ID out as soon as possible.

2. SRC’s sudden quietness on the 3 weeks vacation ultimatum

It baffles my mind as to how long the UGSRC will continue to be a toothless lion and always agree to all policies and calendar of the school’s leadership without taking students concern into consideration. How should students fall victim to the fight of University Teachers Association (UTAG), National Labor Commission and Government. How can you change the academic calendar for students of University of Ghana to spend just three weeks vacation after first Semester through no fault of ours but unfortunately the SRC see’s nothing wrong with it as usual. Some students actually work during vacations to raise money to pay their fees and accommodation and due to the fight between UTAG and Government our profitable vacation has been cut short.

If indeed the current SRC is there for the student population as they claim then they should reject the academic calendar untill the right thing of students been given their normal vacation is done.


3. Balm Library fountain turned into a refuse dumb

It’s quite unfortunate that after months since I wrote about the balm library fountain been turned into a waste disposing site and currently in a deplorable state for over a year, your honorable office as SRC President has failed to even pursue it or release a statement on it even though you’ve been informed.

We all know certain stuffs are beyond the SRC but it’s constructive to note that the leadership of SRC must pursue issues of the student interest and even in any unfortunate circumstances were things are beyond them, they should should make the students aware.

4. Lack of proper co-operation between the UGSRC and the student body.

Leadership as we all know is a service to the people and for the common goal to be realized there must be some form of co-operation between the top leadership and the followers. It is with a melancholic feeling that I have realized the lack of co-operation between the student populate and the student leadership body.

The current SRC seems to have disassociated itself from majority of the students meaning if someone is not a friend or a close buddy to the SRC he or she can’t be part of the Naadu’s administration. The SRC must make everybody entitled or feel part of the association.


5. Poor Communication

Under your watch as UG SRC President, communication and information dissemination to students have been abysmal and very poor.

Releases are centred to people’s WhatsApp Status which doesn’t befit a Premier University like University of Ghana. The acting SRC President must ensure that information are properly spread across through story publication and not just on WhatsApp Status.


Leadership is all about co-operation and sharing different ideas even if they don’t go inline with ours.

I believe strongly that if the acting SRC President Stephanie Naadu wants to win a lot of masses to his side then she must carefully consider the above mentioned points.

Myself and countless number of students are willing to share further ideas and initiatives to help the SRC if you are willing to listen. I wish you all the best Madam President.

Thank you, Your Excellency

Best Wishes

Osman Nuhu Larry

University of Ghana, Main Campus

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