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I met people who haven’t eaten for 5 days in cells – Oliver Barker-Vormawor

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Recently released coup post instigator, Oliver Barker-Vormawor has expressed his experience in relation to the deplorable state of Ghana’s cells.

The “Fix The Country” convener has stated that in prison people stay up to 5 days without food.

Due to his experience, Oliver has decided to donate to the Ashaiman Police Station. In a Facebook post he wrote,

Tomorrow, at 2pm FixTheCountry will be donating some food items, and toiletries to my former cell mates at Ashaiman Police Station.

The State does not provide food for persons arrested and kept in cells., no matter how long they are held. Sometimes for 3years awaiting trial. They eat at the benevolence of the few that receive visitors. When I went into the cells, I met people who had not eaten for 3-5 days. Cells that should accommodate 3 people maximum had up to 55, at some points; with no ventilation.

When I protested the fact that people go days without eating, I was told “they are used to it”.

I want to thank my family for eventually understanding my decision to go on hunger strike, in order that I may pass on my food to those who had nothing. (Even though they struggled with my decision for health reasons)

Please join if you can, after Church. You presence will mean more to me than your donations. Our cells showcase the extent of man’s inhumanity to man. And we must see these things. We cannot solve our problems by throwing money at it from a distance. Unless our values systems are shocked for us to wake up, we will be absent-minded collaborators in the death of our brothers.

But if you cannot be there, and you want to support it, I understand. Kindly donate to +233555873339. (oliver Barker-vormawor)


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