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Letter To President Akufo-Addo On E-Levy – Osman Nuhu Write’s

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Dear Mr. President,


With the warmest regard, I send you an humongous greetings from the corridors of your beloved alma mater, University of Ghana.78 years in the life of any living soul deserves a gigantic applauds and I would like to commend you on such an enviable birthday feet. March 29, 2022 will surely be your nonpareil and definitely a jewel in the crown birthday ever.

From the E-Levy been approved by Parliament and the Black Stars becoming the first African country to qualify for Qatar 2022 which was like an icing on the cake then I must say Mr. President you are “E-levyly and Qatarly blessed”.

Kind courtesy the infamous electronic levy shortened as E-Levy, myself and a handful of millions of Ghanaians couldn’t get the privilege of celebrating the Black Stars World Cup qualification with our vuvuzela as planned.

Mr, President due to your E-Levy I feel traumatized whenever I hear or see the alphabet “e” because it always reminds me of the 1.5% additional charges that myself and many Ghanaians will be incurring on transactions raising from Ghc100.

Senior Advisor at the Africa Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption, Professor David Abdulai recently revealed on TV3 that 91 per cent of Ghanaians representing over 27,000,000 are not in favour of the proposed E–levy.

It baffles my mind that a government that portrayed to us that they are a listening one has failed to even consider the plea of the over 27 million Ghanaians by scrubbing the E-Levy which will yield no significant benefit as the countless number of taxes you’ve taken.

Most government officials including yourself Mr. President have levelled all kinds of unwarranted names on the masses who have spoken against the E-Levy which is really uncalled for.

It shocks my mind that after almost 6 years in office as President of Ghana, the only reward you can give to Ghanaians is to introduce a gargantuan 1.5% E-Levy tax burden on the ordinary Ghanaians after you gave an “heaven on earth” promises.

Honestly I feel you’ve disappointed most of us Mr. President, introducing this huge tax burden in this Economy where food prices, petrol prices, gas prices, general goods, rent and general cost of living have skyrocketed more than five times is uncalled for, so where is the better Ghana you promised us?

The wild assertion that people who do transactions ranging from Ghc100 upward in a day should be categorized as rich really baffles my logical reasoning, students receive funds through mobile money to pay fees, petty traders spend more than GHc100 to pay for goods and debts owed, ordinarily poor and middle class Ghanaians use Mobile Money as wallet for personal safety, as noted the above mentioned categorize of people use mobile money daily not because they are rich as your government is claiming but due to the given circumstance.

Mr President, I feel this era of difficult economic and social hardship, it’s irrelevant to introduce a tax burden that will further escalate the struggles we are going through. If indeed you care for the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian then this is the time to introduce more economic intervention that will reduce the economic heat and the jim-jams hardship we are going through.

With the greatest respect, I feel E-Levy is not necessary at this moment, other ways of generating revenue from the rich people and rich entities must rather be introduced in other not to skyrocket the general hardship of the already suffering Ghanaians.

A report released by the Auditor General’s Department suggests that Ghana lost over GHS12. 8 billion due to infractions and other irregularities committed by statutory institutions in the year 2020. That is twice the money E-Levy is estimated to give to government in a year. With proper mechanisms in place the government can save this money without needing E-Levy.

I know my letter will not exacerbate but rather bring your attention to the critical points that need to be addressed. Political decisions shouldn’t be centred on the short term benefit but the long term hardship.

Wishing you a good and a productive two years ahead President Akufo-Addo.


Best Wishes

Osman Nuhu Larry

Award-winning blogger

University of Ghana, Main Campus


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