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Arnold Asamoah is a braggart; Baba Sadiq is a hero who deserves commendation – Osman Nuhu write’s

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It’s quite unfortunate that a multitude of people have the tendency to do the talk but fail to walk the walk when their own words start chasing them.

This is a typical case study of how Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Chief Executive Officer for 3 Music Awards left “all knowing” entertainment critic, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo fumbling and craving for ample time on United Showbiz to make his inconclusive point.

The capital, Accra and the whole of Ghana is locked down every Saturday night from 9:00pm going as we all know for United Television’s flagship program “United Showbiz” and as usual indefatigable Arnold Baidoo, entertainment critic was in his element to scrutinize the 3 Music Awards which came off on Saturday, 26th March, 2022 at the Grand Arena.

Arnold Baidoo as usual decided to question Sadiq Abdullai’s rational behind passing the comment that Black Sherif’s superb intro performance was meant for Sarkodie to the point that he told the 3 Music Awards boss that he guffed and outshined the moment which factually he couldn’t prove.

According to Arnold, Sadique comment about Sarkodie been the original target for Black Sherif’s performance took a spotlight from Sherif’s performance buzz and totally needless.

Unfortunately for Arnold he couldn’t dissect and juxtapose his analogy beyond reasonable doubt apart from his sentimental appeal and later calling Sadiq as perceiving to be the most intellectual person in the Ghanaian entertainment circle after his wild confrontation and back and forth with Abeiku Santana on the same issue.

The question is that is Sadiq wrong for stating that Black Sherif’s performance was for Sarkodie who failed to show seriousness towards their request? And the answer is a big no.

As the C.E.O of the awards, Sadiq deserves the right to disseminate the behind the scene of the awards immediately after the awards or not, Arnold Baidoo’s over emphasis on Sadiq’s decision to release that information is uncalled for and needless.

Arnold isn’t the Encyclopedia of Ghana’s entertainment circle to decide when a C.E.O of an music award scheme like 3 Music Awards should release behind the scene information about his awards.

From Arnold’s analysis on 3 Music Awards it’s been from one criticism to another which makes all his submissions irrelevant.

Sadiq Abdullai as an investor in the creative industry has the requisite knowledge to determine when to release the behind the scene information of his awards which no one including ”all knowing” Arnold can’t question him on that, unless he decide to organize his own awards to show us the requisite guideline only if he can[shaking my head].


Source: Osman Nuhu/ Ghanaontheglobe.com


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