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Prince Asumadu must emulate KNUST’s Abuah legacy if he wants to succeed

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“Cui multum datum est multum expectatur”, a latin wise saying signifying that “to whom much is given much is expected” is the exact synonymous explanation of University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UGSRC) newly sworn in President, Prince Asumadu.

After both legal and political back and forth as a result of the 2021 UGSRC Presidency run-off election which saw the two leading candidates, Prince Asumadu and Samuel Amos Ofosu go head to head for the topmost price and it aftermath effect, calm has finally been restored on campus.

The newly sworn in SRC President, Prince Asumadu months ago sued the Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana, the Dean of Student Affairs, the SRC Electoral Commissioner and the Registrar over the just-ended SRC election and it aftermath illegality as it was perceived.

After the legal struggle the green light was given for Asumadu to take over the Presidency position from Stephanie Naadu who acted in the capacity as the acting SRC President.

The legal fight and the numerous political gimmicks is finally over and the time has come for President Prince Asumadu to fulfill his pledge to the University of Ghana people.

Prince Asumadu finds himself in an era were countless students have lost confidence in the UGSRC leadership as their existence has amounted to no significant transformation which shouldn’t have been the case.

Across the entire university students leadership divides as far as the SRC is concern University of Ghana SRC was suppose to take the bull by the horn and act as leaders worth emulating since it’s the premier University of the nation but sadly in recent times our past UGSRC leaders have failed to lead up to expectation.

The past UGSRC Presidents have prioritize their “stomachs” and whimsical objectives ahead of the student populate which has made UGSRC loose it enviable status and value.

Newly sworn in UGSRC President, Prince Asumadu has a lot to prove to University of Ghana students that their time wasted during the election wasn’t in vain.

Asumadu needs to emulate Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) SRC President, Michael Abuah who has been praised by many as the only performing current SRC President in Ghana due to his dedication and achievements.

Among numerous of Michael Abuah’s achievements he recently petitioned KNUST management to rescind the deferment of over 6,000 KNUST students which has won him a lot of admirers and proves his leadership proficiency.

President Prince Asumadu has a lot to prove in other to redeem his validation by UG students and win the student population to his side.

Will Prince Asumadu end up as a trailblazer UGSRC President or he is going to end up the same way as his predecessors who prioritized their selfish agendas ahead of University of Ghana students?

Time will indeed be the perfect judge.



Article By:  Osman Nuhu Larry/ Ghanaontheglobe.com

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