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Has Kennedy Agyapong Lost Relevance In The Eyes Of Ghanaians?

Controversy in politics is not a big deal in most parts of the world since politicians are frequently in the eyes of their electorates in order to solicit votes from them. But the terrains that political icons my reside most importantly defines the kind of political game they may be playing. Politics as we all know is a game of chances which may yield positive or negative outcome. Honorable Kennedy Agyapong seems to be dominating the political landscape of Ghana in many aspects and sometimes he keeps trending in other foreign countries because of the way he does his things. Some people have alluded that he is not relevant in the eyes of Ghanaians because he ‘barks’ too much.

As most Ghanaians know ‘Mr. who watches the watchman’, Kennedy Agyapong  most at times is very firm on his numerous rants and accusations on  Net2 tv which are sometimes left as  a common rant which leads to no outcome. Ghanaontheglobe.com has noted that some Ghanaians are of the view that Kennedy’s  numerous rants on radio and tv is just an act of a ‘barking dog’ who  just rants every day but no outcome or result. Is Kennedy Agyapong just a barking dog who only talks with no action?


Many cases that Ken promised to dig to the bottom are sometimes left hanging in the gutters as most people believe, some have even cited Ibrah1’s threat accusation to Ken as one of numerous cases that he should have finalized by this time as he promised. Questions are been raised on how far with the Obinim, Badu Kobi and Nigel Gaise cases that he promised Ghanaians that he would dig to the bottom. The inability to finalize cases by Kennedy Agyapong has started making some people doubt his credibility as a person and some believing he has lost relevance.

Do you believe that Kennedy Agyapong has lost relevance? comment what you think.


Source: Ghanaontheglobe.com



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