Idi Amin Dada was born 1925 in Koboko, in northwestern Uganda, to a Kakwa father and Lugbara mother, who separated shortly afterwards. In 1946, after receiving only a rudimentary education ,Amin joined the King’s African Rifles (KAR), a regiment of the British colonial army, and quickly ascended through the ranks. He was deployed to Somalia in 1949 to fight the Shifta rebels and later fought with the British during the suppression of the Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya (1952-56). In 1959 he attained the rank of effendi—the highest position for a black African soldier within the KAR—and, by 1966, he had been appointed commander of the armed forces.Amin is one of the most notorious dictators of all time.

Amin was intelligent naturally,he claimed on certain occasions that he had fought in Burma [Myanmar] during World
War II [1939–45], his military records show that his service began in 1946.)

Amin was by all standards a good swimmer, rugby player, and boxer. He won the Uganda heavyweight boxing
championship in 1951and held the title between 1951-1960 but never knew his date of birth just like some African presidents like Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya.

According to history ,Amin consumed human flesh, he was fond of eating human flesh, especially dead ones .It is widely known that he kept human heads in his refrigerator. And he admitted to cannibalism several times “I have eaten human meat,” he said in 1976. “It is very salty, even more salty than leopard meat.”

Amin’s wives were of various Ugandan ethnic groups. In addition to his six wives, it is postulated that he had a minimum of 30 wives all over Uganda.

He became close to the new nation’s prime minister and president, Milton Obote . He was made chief of the army and air force (1966–70). Misunderstanding sparked between Obote and Amin,however, and on January 25, 1971, Amin staged a successful military coup . He became president and chief of the armed forces in 1971, field marshal in 1975, and life president
in 1976.

He once called Julius Nyerere, then the president of Tanzania, a coward, an old woman and a prostitute, he announced that he loved Mr. Nyerere and ”would have married him if he had been a woman.’

Amin in 1972 he ordered the expulsion of 500 Israelis and 50,000 South Asians with British citizenship when his request to get money from Israel to patronise arms to help fight Tanzania failed. The expulsion devastatingly dwindled the country’s economic growth since the Asians had a lot of industrial projects being undertaken in Uganda , moreover, the Asian population consisted of many successful plantation

The number of people he assigned to be murdered has been tabulated by exiles and international human rights groups as close to 300,000 out of a total population of 12 million.

His killings included well known officials who were deemed to have carried information out in ways that were meant to attract attention, terrorize the living and convey the message that it was Mr. Amin who wanted them killed. They included cabinet ministers, Supreme Court judges,university rectors, educators, prominent Catholic and Anglican churchmen, surgeons, bankers, tribal leaders and business executives.

He publicly insulted Great Britain and the United States as well as numerous world leaders.He forced white residents of Uganda to handle him as king and kneel before him as photographers captured the moment for the world to see.He also made former police officers,to be killed with sledge hammers.

He formed special and indirect death vocabularies such as ”Giving the V.I.P. treatment” to someone meant to kill, and ”Go with him to where he sleeps.” ”Giving tea” meant whipping and dismemberment.

Idi Amin, whose eight-year reign of cruelty and notoriety in Uganda covered. widespread killing, torture and displacement of multitudes and left the country mismanaged died in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, where he had lived for years in exile. He was believed to have been about 78 years old, though some reports said he was as old as 80.


Source: ghanaontheglobe.com

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