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Is NDC Scared of Sarkodie ?

Popular Ghanaian artist Michael Owusu Addo known with the stage name Sarkodie is an influential African rapper who has won numerous Awards across the World including the ‘Best International Flow’ award at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. The BET award winner has won almost every award scheme on the African continent. Sarkodie Currently has 92 awards making him the most awarded African rapper of all-time.

Sarkodie was recently in the news for commenting on Twitter on a post that the National Communication Officer, Sammy Gyamfi  posted online which majority of people believe it’s an insensitive post which depict and compare the racism in America which even led to the death of George Floyd. Many top celebrities in Ghana have  criticized Sammy Gyamfi’s post. The likes of Joey B, D Money Kwadwo Sheldon and a whole lot of others have criticized the post.

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Sarkodie’s tweet did not go well with the large following of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) as majority of them have launched numerous attacks on the rapper. What seems as a surprise to a lot of people is that Sarkodie was not the only Celebrity to criticize Sammy Gyamfi’s tweet but it seems that the target is only on Sarkodie. So the question on the table is that is NDC really scared of Sarkodie and his influence or the tweet from Sarkodie was uncalled for? Nobody can dispute the fact that Sarkodie has a large following or fanbase behind his back, SarkNative, Sarknation, Sark Addicts, SarkNationWorld, Team Sarkcess and Team Sarkodie are just few of the numerous sections of fans following Sarkodie.

Some social media fanatics believes that NDC are scared that what Sarkodie said may affect them in 2020 election. But some NDC people believe Sarkodie disrespected their National Communication Officer,Sammy Gyamfi. Sarkodie  in the post ordered Sammy Gyamfi to immediately retract and delete that comment. Sammy Gyamfi is yet  to delete that comment but it seems many or majority of NDC gurus are very annoyed about sarkodie tweet. Some NDC loyal sympathizers are even telling him that in 2016 and 2015 he released many songs including inflation , the masses  and Dumsor which some people believe it was against the then NDC government led by John Dramani Mahama.

NDC fanatics believe that we are currently experiencing a bad government so Sarkodie should have released songs against the NPP government.This has led to a lot of people tagging him as an NPP sympatizer.  Sarkodie has a huge Social Media fanbase , on Twitter he has over 3.2 million followers, Instagram is over 3.5 million followers and 1.9 million followers on Facebook. The figures are not really small and nobody can underestimate his influence on the Ghanaian Youths . Do you think  NDC is scared of Sarkodie and can he affect the 2020 elections in the favour of NPP.

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