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Letter To The President – Osman Nuhu Writes

As we all know were respect is due definitely it is suppose to be given. I would be considered as being partial if i declare that the president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo  has done nothing in this ‘abnormal’ Covid-19 season. The president has implemented some great decisions in this Covid-19 season which i think he definitely deserves a thumbs up.
But as the old saying goes, ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst’.  
Even though the president and his team have performed creditably well in this Coronavirus pandemic season i still think some one or two bolts should be tightened as far as the minacious Covid-19 pandemic is concerned.
As we are know the president is definitely not quintessential so he may  have committed some errors in his decision making. As much as am commending some of his great decisions i equally think some of his decisions also  require a  second  thought including the lifting of the partial lockdown which is basically my prevailing reason for this article.
Taking into consideration the rate at which the Covid-19 pandemic has gradually jumped up after the partial lockdown was lifted, it will be fair and inevitably right to state that  the president could have adopted a rather less risky approach.  The president’s decision to impose a lockdown on some parts of the country  was not the best because countless number of people migrated to other regions, towns, and villagers were the lockdown was not imposed leading to the early spread of the pandemic in other regions.
Currently thirteen(13) out of the Sixteen(16) regions in Ghana have recorded Covid-19 cases. After the lifting of the partial lockdown 5,227 new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed as compared to the 890 cases confirmed during the lockdown period.
Taking into Consideration how catastrophic and fast the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading the most appropriate decision would be a regional lockdown of the Sixteen(16) regions to further prevent the pandemic from moving from the various epicenters to the less affected regions and also the non affected regions like Savannah , Ahafo and Bono East region. This is because movement is Key, the more people move the greater risk the pandemic also spreads.
As we all know great leaders are produced in the middle of difficult situations. As citizens and not spectators let us all commended when we are suppose to and equally criticize with proper recommendations when the need arises.
Coronavirus is real so let us all follow the World Health Organization and the government’s safety guidelines put in place as we all firmly believe this too shall pass. Subscribe to our YouTube channel  GhanaOnTheGlobe Tv for some wonderful surprises coming up very soon.
Article By: Osman Nuhu

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