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OSMAN NUHU Writes: Ghana’s fight against Coronavirus, a Success story in the making and the 4 ‘potholes’ to fill

There is no doubt that Ghana is working tremendously to fight against the disastrous pandemic “Coronavirus”. No one is suppose to tell every Tom, Dick and Harry that our leaders are showing robust measures towards the tackling of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. I would like to commend key stakeholders starting from the president, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo Addo , the National Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, Corporate Institutions, the local chief’s, pastors and the general Ghanaian citizens at large.

The President have recently ordered the closure of all our borders and also shutting down all flights into the country. Even though i hold the firm believe that if the president had closed down our borders and shut down all flights earlier-on when Ghana had not recorded it first case of COVID-19, we would not be suffocating ourselves with this deadly pandemic by now. One area i believe that the president and his team needs a thumbs-up is the level of information dissemination . Currently all Universities, Secondary schools,Junior High School and all education centers have been closed down.

Churches,Mosques, funerals and public gathering at large have also been banned for now as a measure to tackle the embattled Coronavirus. The steps  taken by the president and his team are highly commendable. Telecommunication Networks are also sending messages to their customers to sensitize them about the pandemic.

Measures like disinfection of markets started from Monday, 23th March, 2020 across the country. This measure will further enhance all infected parts of the markets to be COVID-19 free zones. Hopefully we all hope COVID-19 will be a mere fallacy as soon as possible.

Aside all the areas i have commended the president and his team, i would like to recommend four(4) key areas i think the president and his team can still work on to make the fight against COVID-19 a fruitful one.


Ghana currently has two places were Coronavirus can be tested, they are Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and Kumasi  Center for Collaborative Research. Considering the rate at which the numbers of infected cases of COVID-19 is increasing, we need to be cautioned that we need testing centers across every village,town,cities,regions to enable the early detection of the virus to prevent it to spread and meander it way across every corner of our beloved country.


This idea may seem a bit absurd to some people but the truth of the matter is that a total lockdown of the country Ghana is needed as soon as possible. The Lockdown is a bit scary but the truth of the matter is that we have a whole lot of infected peoples or yet to be infected peoples who are roaming about unknowingly. They may probably get to know after the next 14 days by which they may have affected a whole lot of peoples.  I know money is a problem nowadays but let us know that our Health comes before money, when we contract Coronavirus we cannot go and look for the money we are seriously craving for. Lets put our Health first and help eradicate this issue of Coronavirus.


Even though i know that this approach maybe costly, we also have to put it in mind that when the virus escalates the cost will be much higher. When we don’t embark on mass testing how would we be able to know the actual people infected with the virus for us to tackle it by hook or by crock . Lockdown will cut-down  the rate at which the disease is been spread. Through mass testing individuals who may not know that they are infected can easily get to know and they would be treated immediately


When the Lockdown is implemented a lot of Ghanaians will complain about money, the government can provide interest free loans through the banks and mobile money  to  enable Ghanaians who do not have money to purchase food stuff before the Lockdown . This will help the general citizens to comply with the Lockdown which will lead to the reduction and eradicating of the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic in Ghana. Food stuffs can still be sold by  government  through door to door approach.

I believe strongly that when the above listed recommendations are taken by the president and his team and adhered to by the citizens Coronavirus will definitely  be a thing of the past.

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