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No UG student leader is above criticism; Even Nkrumah was criticized – Osman Nuhu write’s

Since time immemorial criticism has been a tool deployed by followers to keep leaders on their toes, great and inconvincible globally acclaimed leaders like Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Marcus Garvey, Mahatma Gandhi, just to mention a few haven’t been spared from criticism. American Protestant clergyman, Norman Vincent Peale once stated …

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Naadu’s Performance as Ag. President below average, Asumadu has a big and achievable task ahead – Osman Nuhu write’s

It’s quite unfortunate that in a space of three months, University of Ghana(UG) has seen three  Student Representative Council(SRC) President elect which is quite chaotic and intricate the already disconnected front between UGSRC and majority of the student body. It’s quite excruciating to realize that within a space of three …

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Osman Nuhu Writes: 80% Of UG Students Didn’t Vote During Presidential Run-off; Redeeming Dilapidated SRC Should Be Asumadu And Ndukwe’s Focus

  The much anticipated University of Ghana Student Representative Council(UGSRC) elections can now be called a thing of the past after a ‘’rambolic’’ and ‘’terminator’’ kind of display at the latter part of the whole electoral process. The delay of the online voting results which drained and tirelessly stressed thousands …

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It Is A Sheer Irresponsibility For UTAG And Government To Trade Student’s Academics Over A Petty ‘War’ – Osman Nuhu Writes

It is quite inconsequential for University Teachers Association Of Ghana(UTAG), Government and the National Labour Commission to trade the academics of university students over their petty ”war’ which can easily be resolved instead of the lack of an amicable resolution. The UTAG strike which commenced on 2nd August has led …

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