Marathon is a town in Greece and specifically the site of the famous Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, when the Persians who attacked Athens were defeated.

The name Marathon comes originates from the legend of PHILIPPIDES (or PHEIDIPPIDES ), the Greek messenger. legend has it that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon..

When the Persians arrived at Marathon, Pheidippides was sent to Sparta to ask for help, They said they couldn’t help, so he ran back from Sparta to Marathon. Within 2(two) days He ran approximately 150 miles at a top speed (From DANSOMAN TO KUMASI ), without stopping ,no resting,no eating and no conversation with anyone because he perceived that millions of lives were at stake, and then run back at the same distance.

When the Athenians won the battle, Pheidippides was sent to announce the
defeat of the Persians to the citizens of Athens.He run 25 miles(from DANSOMAN to TEMA) from the battlefield to Athens in his full heavy armor and run back the same way and distance and arrived the same day. As soon as he got to Athens he shouted “Nike” translated in English as the Greek goddess of Victory,other sources have it that he exclaimed “we win” ,soon after he delivered the message “Nike” he died on the spot(instantly) out of tiredness in August or September, 490

He wored a heavy armor which was equivalent to the weight of 25litre (two)gallons of water. He run over thorns,cutting stones etc still bleeding under and around his feet ,he continued running Despite all the injuries he sustained.All these experiences in one way or another accounted for his immediate death.


The Greeks decided to have a race retracing Philippides steps. So they organized a 25 mile race from Marathon to Athens and called it the “Marathon”

It was also named so due to its closeness to the city of Marathon.Athens held its maiden organized marathon at the 1896 Olympics by having runner race 25 miles.

The legendary story has continued and is the foundation for the modern-day marathon.

In Egyptian times running was a required military skill. King Taharka instituted a long distance race specifically to keep his army firmly built.Soldiers who were being trained run for several days without stopping,those who couldn’t take it died on the training ground. runners who excelled,both within the military and in civilian society, served as messengers.These messengers were known to have been better than a horses.


Source: ghanaontheglobe.com

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