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Why has Akufo-Addo neglected ‘Kantanka Cars’ ?

Since there is a national movement and effort to consciously raise the ‘made in Ghana’ agenda by the current government, most Ghanaians are of the view that more things needs to be done. Even though the current president and some of his appointees have all purchased Kantanka cars but most people believe more can be done in-terms of policies.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kantanka Automobile, Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka Junior was recently on Starr Fm and he complained bitterly as a result of unrealistic execution of government policies concerning the incentives they claimed they have given Kantanka and other benefits.

Recently government allowed VW Assembly into the country which many believes that it would go a long way to affect Kantanka Automobile since they are now finding their roots in the country.




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Even till now prices of Kantanka Automobile are very expensive to buy. The expensive nature of the Cars have made it impossible for most Ghanaians to purchase one. Presisdent Akufo-Addo has endorsed VW Assembly to operate in the country which we all know it will go against Kantanka Automobile.

Since the CEO of Kantanka Automobile is complaining that the policies that can help their prices to go down are not been implemented by government then how do the government expect them to cut-off prices in order to compete with the competitor they have brought into the country?


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